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Exciting news everyone!  On top of my debut novel The Harbinger Tales being available in eBook, paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited, my second novel is now available for pre-order and officially gets released on April 3, 2017. Two Worlds: Rags & Riches is the first novella in the Two Worlds Saga. Check it out!

If you’ve bought The Harbinger Tales eBook between October 2016 and January 2017, there is an update available: Kindle Update Available with some editing changes.

If you like it, please take a moment and write a short review. Amazon bases their algorithms on how many reviews a book has. As an indie author the best advertising available is word of mouth and the book popping up on people’s amazon feeds. Every review written is greatly appreciated and helps get the book recognized.

About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Scott, or BeamMeUpScotty as I’m known in the web serial community, and this is my very own website for my web serials, published novels, movie reviews, anything I want to blog about, or just random stuff that crosses my mind. My current web serials are within the sci-fi and fantasy genres, but who knows what I’ll end up writing.

If you followed me over from Drew Hayes’s site then I’m glad you’ve found me interesting enough to continue following. As always, your comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. You can follow me on twitter @BeamMeUpScott16 or visit my Facebook page at BeamMeUpScotty’s Stuff.

Current Chapters

A Change of Pace – Season 2 – Chapter 32        Two Worlds – Chapter 148


The works contained on this site would not be considered kid friendly. If these web serials were movies then they would be rated R for violence, language, and adult content; so please proceed with that in mind. If that isn’t your thing then that’s cool; otherwise enjoy!