Suicide Squad: Good Enough, I Don’t Know Why People are Freaking Out.

There has been some controversy around the release of Suicide Squad, so here’s my take. In my oh so humble opinion I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I will say this…If you are expecting this to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Deadpool than you’ll be disappointed. Overall, Suicide Squad wasn’t knee slapping funny. It had it’s moments but it was only moments.

They’re also approaching 400 million in the global box office, so whatever critics are saying people are picking up what Suicide Squad is putting down.


Rating: I give Suicide Squad 3 out of 5 stars.

Story: I guess I can see what some critics are saying when they are complaining about the plot being a little disconnected. That being said, I think if you use a little bit of brainpower you can put it all together. They introduce each of the characters while giving the premise for forming the team. The character intros are brief because they have to be, and the premise is the government wants a team that can can take on rogue metahumans. It’s pretty straightforward. They progress too quickly from forming the team to putting them into action to the point that it’s too unrealistic. The movie would have benefited from being about twenty minutes longer with a few scenes of the team bonding in some particularly villainous way,

I don’t think the villain, Enchantress, was portrayed very well. It kind of felt like a knee jerk setup, but if you’re a go with the flow person you can get past it. The big “weapon” she builds to take over the world is never really described and is easily destroyed by what amounts to a very big grenade. They could have fired a cruise missile into the building and never have to send in the suicide squad at all. So the big “ending” was a little anticlimactic.

Some of the character development was good and some of it wasn’t. I thought the best part of the whole movie was the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn. I wish there was more of it. I’ve read that they filmed a lot more of the King and Queen of Gotham, but it would have taken too much away from the main Enchantress polite.   Rick Flag and Enchantress’ human half, Dr.Moone, wasn’t as well done; and since that played into the big ending it added to the anticlimactic nature of it. The character Katana also seemed to just be thrown into the movie, and I found it detrimental. It would have made more sense to bring the character in earlier with the rest of them. Bringing her in right in the middle hurt the flow of the story.

As far as the growth of the DC universe goes it helped push it along just a smudge. If anything the most progression happens in the mid-credit scene between Wheeler and Wayne. It does set the stage for them in future movies very well.

As long as we see more of Joker and Harley then I’m happy.

Acting: Some of it was good, some was ok, and the rest fell in between. Again, I think Joker and Harley made the movie. Leto’s Joker was great. Some people have vocally disagreed, but I think it was very well done. He brings a new more “gangster” feel to the character, but its just as frighteningly creepy as Ledger in Nolan’s film. He hits the madness aspect of the Joker perfectly. Robbie’s Harley Quinn was even more awesome. She really brought the character to life. She hit the really heavy  Harley accent perfectly in a few places that made me have flashbacks to the old animated movies. Leto and Robbie together are a force to be reckoned with.

Will Smith was good even though the show was stolen by Robbie . The rest of the Suicide Squad was believable, even though Killer Croc was hard to understand sometimes. His pimp coat was awesome though.

What’s Next: As I said up in the story portion Suicide Squad pushes along the DC plot line. There is a cameo of both Batman and Flash to tie it into the universe, along with footage of Superman’s funeral. I can not emphasis this enough, but I really want to see Joker and Harley again. Without them I would rate this movie a star lower. I’ve heard news that Ben Affleck is set to star and direct his own Batman movie, If these two aren’t the villains then someone at DC should be fired. There is also mumblings of a Harley Quinn movie along with other female heroes and villains. I’d pay to see either.


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