My Fall Line Up…So Far

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but i’m a pretty big TV fan. As such, in honor of the start of the fall season I’m going to give everyone my rundown on my TV habits. I’ll do my old favorite and new releases. I won’t go into too much detail just the initial impressions and where I think, or like to think they’re going.



Gotham: Of course I watch Gotham I do write superhero fiction. Honestly i wasn’t the biggest fan of the second half of last season. I did love the first few episodes where they looked like they were doing the young Joker, but then they killed him…bummer. Anyway, the “monster” angle is playing ok for now but i’d like to see them get back to some of the more notable batman villains in their younger days. I heard the rumor that they were going to bring Harley Quinn in this season. After the success of Suicide Squad I deem that a solid decision. I will continue to watch it at its regular time or at least DVR it.

Kevin Can Wait: Kevin James’ new show was one I was looking forward to this fall. My wife and I watch King of Queens reruns late at night as we fall asleep so I’m a fan. So far the shows gets a so-so from me. I know sometimes pilots aren’t the strongest and it’ll take time for it to hit it’s stride, but i’ll stick around.It’ll probably be a DVR’d show though because of Gotham.

Lucifer: I was a big fan of the show’s first season. This stuff is right up my alley, and i’ll admit that I modeled the Protectorate’s team leader Mr. Morningstar a bit after a “good” version of Lucifer. Thus the name. The season started off strong in my mind. Tom Ellis makes the show in my opinion. I find the personal struggle of Lucifer, the supernatural element, and the comedy to be a wonderful mix. This I will watch at its regular scheduled time.


This is Us: I never really watched Parenthood, but I’ve heard this is its successor. That being said it is a powerful show. It really draws you in and keeps you hooked. You laugh you cry and you keep on wanting more. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this shows and the great performances by its cast. I do DVR this show though because I’m an old man at heart and go to sleep at 10.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Again superhero fan here,so naturally I’m a fan. That being said, I’m not the biggest fan of the Ghostrider deal. I hope it’s only a small arc and doesn’t consume the whole season. I do like that Daisy/Quake is not on the run. I like the grunge/rogue personality they’ve given her now. I also DVR this for reasons listed above.


The Goldbergs: I love the Goldberg because the 80s was awesome and I love how they hit all of the big moments. The premiere dealt with The Breakfast Club. Enough said.

Modern Family: This is the old classic of my lineup, and the staple of the comedy lineup of all the networks. I actually haven’t seen the premiere yet because I was busy catching up on the DVR’d Tuesdays shows. But I can’t believe it’ll be anything but a knee-slapper.

Blindspot: I find the premise of this show fundamentally flawed. No way the FBI or any federal agency, I work for one, would ever let someone do this without knowing who they were. Background checks by the OPM take months for jobs with no clearances beyond the trust of the public. Still, I can differentiate the difference between Hollywood reality and real reality. Looking past the impossibility of the situation I find it very entertaining. I’m a Jamie Alexander fan ever since Sif in Thor. I either watch and DVR depending on my mood.

Designated Survivor: I was really looking forward to this one, and it didn’t disappoint. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a West Wing or 24 style show, and I’m  still not quite sure. My only hope is that the bad guy in the end isn’t the military-industrial complex. That was tried in White House Down and I personally don’t think it worked. I do think its a good look so far on what would happen in a catastrophe and I’m looking forward to more. It’s another DVR show though because it is past my bedtime.


The Good Place: I saw the previews leading up to this and I was intrigued. I’ve always been a Kristen Bell fan all the way back to Veronica Mars. The show has aired 3 episodes so far and I’m still interested but it hasn’t quite reeled me in yet. I hope the next few episodes pick it up a bit or i don’t think it’s going to make it which would be a shame because I definitely see potential.

The Blacklist: This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now, and it is coming off a great third season. I liked the fugitive Liz and Red part better than the pregnancy part but it is still good. This is a definite watch for anyone, and James Spader is just awesome, period. Its still a DVR one though because sleep is just as awesome.


Last Man Standing: This is another show that has been a staple in my TV watching over the past few years, and one of the ones my wife likes to watch with me. I feel a lot like Mike Baxter in real life. I’m the only male in the house, but thankfully 2/3rds of the females are on four legs. As always the show didn’t disappoint, and I can watch it live.

Blue Bloods: You can’t beat Tom Selleck, and I’ve been watching him as the patriarch on this police action/drama for years. Based on the tone of the previous season I thought it was going to be the last, but I’m glad it’s back. It is the last show of the week for me and one i might even stay up to watch.

Haven’t started yet but I’m excited for

Timeless: A time travel show with potential

Fresh Off the Boat: An old favorite that I can’t wait to return too

The Great Indoors: I’ve been a Joel McHale fan ever since Community and The Soup. Interested to see his next project.

Life in Pieces: I have high expectation as this comedy comes off its freshman season

Madam Secretary: I started and then stopped watching this show. Then it was on Netflix and I watched everything I’d missed in a few days. Excited to see what Elizabeth McCord it up to next.


These are only the TV network shows I’ve been watching. There are other shows like Luke Cage on Netflix that i’m also looking forward to. If anyone reading has any suggestions that aren’t listed please let me know. I’m always up to try a good show.




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