Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life – Part 1

We’ll start this with a little backstory. I never watched the original Gilmore Girls when it played from 2000-2007. My wife watched the show with her parents and raved about it every time we flicked through Netflix.

Eventually I gave in.

One night over Thanksgiving when we were staying with family and didn’t have a TV in the room, I pulled out my laptop and said, “Hey why don’t we watch this.” My wife enthusiastically agreed, and binge watching commenced.

Surprisingly, my wife joined me. To date, she’s only binge watched three shows with me, and two of those were watching the Gilmore Girls.

As of now I’m giving it 4 out of 5 Stars, and here is why:


The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life goes through a year of the three Gilmore women’s lives. There are four episodes, each ninety minutes long, with each episode covering a season. Since this is part one of a two-part review it only covers Winter and Spring.

Winter starts and ends with Lorelai saying that she smells snow, which is a big throwback to the original show. It drew me in right off the bat, but then it lost me. Winter gets off to a really slow start. It struggles to find its footing. The tribute to Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann) was a heart-wrenching, and you could see he real emotion on all the actors’ faces, but his spirit is still present in the show (partially thanks to the 18 foot portrait that gazes sternly at you). In my opinion, the show starts to pick up when Paris Geller (Liza Weil) makes her entrance. She’s the same old Paris.

By the end of Spring the show has started to hit its familiar stride.

Emily predictably struggles with the loss of her husband of fifty years, and Lorelai suggest therapy. Predictably, this turns into mother-daughter therapy instead of grief therapy. The sessions are hit or miss. Her project at the end of Spring is getting Luke to franchise his dinner. Those scenes are a hit.

Lorelai struggles in her own way, as well as having achieved her goal of an Inn but then realizing she’s become stagnant. And maybe stagnant in her relationship with Luke too. The whole “do we want a kid” story line wasn’t played out too well in my opinion, but it did bring Paris back in the fold. You don’t see any resolution on the Luke-Lorelai potential issues at the end of Spring. But we did see Digger! Surprisingly, Michel is the person who kind of brings that all to the forefront in the first place. And hey, if anyone had lingering questions about his sexuality; he is confirmed gay and has been married for five years. But sadly, no sign of Sookie. Although, Rachel Ray makes a surprise cameo in Spring. At the end of Spring we see Lorelai on the cusp of starting this journey of finding herself.

And we saw Lanes Dad! And I totally called it!

Lastly, we have Rory who has hit it big in her writing career. She’s published with the New Yorker and has people after her. She’s working on a book deal with a crazy woman, has a website begging for her to come work for them, and even gets an offer from good-old Chilton.

Then it all falls apart. And that’s where Rory is at the end of Spring. The last scene finds her with all of her bags in the foyer of her childhood home, resorting to what has become normal with twenty-something’s around the country.

And then there’s the affair with Logan. You remember him don’t you. No sign of Jess or Dean yet, but I’m sure they’ll pop up sooner or later.

If you were a fan of the show originally the show would be off to an only OK start, but any dedicated fan is willing to stick with it to the end. Who doesn’t want to hear those last four words!

That’s part one. Stay tuned for part two after I get through the next three hours.


P.S. Buy my book The Harbinger Tales while it’s still on sale. I’m like Rory here and trying to make it as a writer 🙂


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