Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life – Part 2

Finally, here is the second part of the two part review. Sorry it’s taken so long. I bet a bunch of people binge-watched the show, but my in-laws don’t have Netflix so we waited to finish it until they could come back over.

Quick review:

Winter: Brought us back into the Gilmore Girls world. Personally, I thought it was a bit of a rough start.

Spring: It finally hits it’s grove. You see the good lives some of the characters have been living. I love Paris in this episode. She really pulls it all together. But with the good there is also the bad. You start to see the cracks in our lovely protagonists’ lives. Ends with Rory moving home.

Good. Now you’re all caught back up.


Summer is the crisis episode. Rory is back living in Star’s Hallow, but shes adamant that she isn’t really back. She’s struggling to find her way. Then Taylor says they’re closing the Star’s Hallow Gazette, the paper Rory grew up reading. So she saved the paper by becoming it’s editor…for free. In doing so she learns the hard lesson of small business: wearing multiple hats. Not only is she the editor, but she has to deliver the paper too. Comedy ensues. We also see the reappearance of Jess, and after Rory telling him she is broke and has no underwear, he gives her the idea that propels her path for the rest of the series.

He tells her to write a book, but not just any book. Write a book that only she can write. She needs to write about her unique relationship with her mother and their wacky life in a small Connecticut town. I really liked that part.

Lorelei goes through her own struggles during this episode. Michelle confirms that he is going to be leaving. He needs something bigger. He needs to move his career forward, and he needs to make more money. On top of that, Lorelei and Luke are having problems. The problems are the same as what we saw in the original Gilmore Girls show. They fail to communicate then they lash out. It highlights flaws in both of their characters that they both haven’t seemed to fix in the last nine years.

Emily isn’t a predominant force in this episode. She’s still coping with the loss of Richard, and Rory is worried about her, but not much more than that is really said.

Oh…and Star’s Hallow does a musical…written by Taylor. You need to see it to believe it. Lorelei’s facial expressions are priceless.

The final breaking point of the episode comes at the very end. Lorelei and Emily are already not on speaking terms since therapy, but now it happens between her and Rory. Rory is so excited to tell her mom about the books she’s writing. And Lorelei immediately shuts her down. She doesn’t want it written.

Two things hit me during this episode. The first was Rory’s writing. Obviously, if you’re reading this you know I’m an independent writer whose gone through the writing process and written my own book The Harbinger Tales (Sorry but I had to throw in my book pitch at least once). So naturally, I was able to relate to that on a deeper level. Which leads me to the second thing. It might have hit me a bit harder because of my own writing background, but i found Lorelei to be very selfish. And looking back on the show. I can see it more. It is definitely one of her character flaws. She always realizes it, and comes back from it, but at that moment at the end of the episode I was all Team Rory and screw Lorelei.

Naturally, if Summer was the crisis episode, then Fall was the “make everything better and bring resolution” episode.

Lorelei goes off to commune with nature because she read a book about it. Personally, I didn’t think it was a good move on the writers part. I see why they did it, because in seeing everything out there, and hearing other people’s life experiences, she was able to see how good her life was and how good Luke was too her. If I’d written it I would have jut had her go on a road trip to find herself. Kind of like when she broke it off with Max in season 2. I just think that fit more with her character.

While Lorelei is off soul searching, Rory get a visit from some old Yale friends. Logan and his crew are back in town to cheer her up, and it’s awesome. You see the old faces: Colin, Finn, and Eric and they go on a crazy night. They give Rory the confidence to get back on the writing horse, despite what her mother said.

This episode also contains a miracle. Emily says “screw you” to the DAR sells her home and moves to Nantucket. She finally does what she needs to do and starts to move on. Partially, because Lorelei calls during her own eureka moment and tells her about a time where Richard was a great father to her.

As I said before all three women pick themselves back up, make up, and move on. Lorelei wants to expand the Inn, with a lone from Emily, that naturally has strings attached. And she makes up with Luke and Rory, saying she’s OK with the book being written.

Then comes the wedding. Oh…did i forget to tell you that Luke and Lorelei finally decide to tie the knot. Whoops…must have slipped my mind ;). Its what every fan has always wanted. For them to finally go through with it, and in typical Lorelei fashion they decide to elope and do the real wedding before the big extravaganza that the whole town is going to be at. So they get their happy ending and it is awesome.

Now, for the final four words.

Truthfully, I saw them coming from the minute Rory and Christopher had their scene together. The questions she was asking, the coffee she was not drinking. It was obvious to a keen observed such as myself that she was pregnant.

So those last for words: “Mom, I am pregnant.” Weren’t a surprise, but they still hit me hard.

And immediately the questions started churning.

Whose the father?

What’s going to happen next?

As for the first question, my wife and I disagree. I think it’s Logan based on the questioning with Christopher and them being together at the end of their crazy night.My wife thinks it is Jess. She points to a scene at the Gilmore home where there’s a moment when Jess looks through the window at Rory, who conveniently is mothering Kirk. You can see that he knows something. If you didn’t catch it. watch the episode again and look for it.

As for what’s going to happen next, I have no clue. Their is potential for more. The book coming out. Rory being a mom. Actually finding out who the father is. A whole new Gilmore Girl dynamic can be established. The fans want more, I’ve seen the buzz! But I don’t know if the writers and actors have more to give. I guess we’ll just have to see.

For Gilmore Girls : A Year in the Life I have to give 5 out of 5 stars. Is it really a 5 out of 5 performance, probably not, there were missteps, but I’m a fan and I wouldn’t give it anything less.

Thanks for sticking with me for the last two weeks on this review process, and thank you for supporting my own writing.

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