2017: A new year a new TV line up

As you might or might not know, I’m a big fan of television. Check out my post My Fall Line Up…So Far to see what I’m watching. So I’ll just build on that if you don’t mind 😛


Disappointments: The Great Indoors, The Good Place, Blacklist, and Gotham

I feel like I always have this with Gotham. I can’t get into the story-line and I end up binging to catch up after the season is over. Really, I’m not diggin’ the Alice in Wonderland theme they’ve been going with, and I stopped watching when they really started to getting into that. The Great Indoors just started off flat to me and never got me hooked. I loved Joel McHale in The Soup and Community so this show was a let down :). The Good Place was similar. It had some laughs but I couldn’t get into it even though I love the premise. The biggest disappointment though was Blacklist. I loved the show, but ever since the pregnancy and that whole plot-line it has been a downward spiral in my opinion. I will admit that I haven’t watched more than three or four episodes of the new season, but i feel it’s gone too far away from its basic premise. I love James Spader, but I think this show needs to rethink it’s direction a bit.

Recent Premieres:  Timeless, Emerald City

Granted Timeless started back in October but I didn’t get a chance to review it. Bottom line up front, I like it. The time jumping, the character dynamics, and the mysterious agency manipulating a nation is also execute well. The last episode ended in a typical cliff hanger and I’m looking forward to see where they take the plot. Emerald City was also a pleasant surprise. A modern, darker telling of the Wizard of Oz it has Dorthy entering into a world that is still being shaped, but has enough elements of the classic to feel familiar. There is a science vs. magic theme, and you can’t really tell who the good guys and who the bad guys are yet. But I did love the scene where Dorthy got one of the cardinal witches to shoot herself in the head with a gun she brought along through her tornado ride. That scene alone has me wanting more.

Returning and looking forward to: The Magicians, The Expanse

As you might know from my writing, both of the series hit upon topics that I love. The Expanse has the solar system moving closer and closer towards war, and The Magicians have entered the world of Fillory and I’ve got a sense shit is about to get even more real than it did last season. Both of these series had strong freshman seasons and I’m very interested to see what happens.


So that’s where I stand for now. I’d love to hear what you like, or  what you’d think I’d like. I’m a connoisseur of fine television, so please recommend stuff 🙂

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