A Change of Pace – Season 2 – Rankings and Teams

Season 2- Sophomore Class Rankings

  1. Angela Martin- Angelic shifter
  2. Jason Cook- Advanced Mind (strong telekinetic, weak telepathy)
  3. Kimberly Goodman- blaster who can control the properties of the spheres she creates
  4. Erin Fisher- can animate inanimate objects
  5. Mason Jackson- super strength and durability
  6. Anna Fletcher- electrokinetic
  7. Teresa Shaw- multispecies shifter
  8. Anika Kemps- designation undeterminable, learns new powers over time (Strength, Speed, telepathy)
  9. Alexander Webb- augments muscles and bones into creature with enhanced physical attributes
  10. Seth Abney- Broad Spectrum Elemental Manipulator
  11. Casey Williams- super strength and durability (more so durability than strength)
  12. Lorelei Gilford- blaster (eyes), more durable than average
  13. Kyoshi Schultz- Advance Mind (Strong telepath, weak telekinetic)
  14. Liam Garrison- toxic obfuscator (breath) and produces neurotoxin with skin
  15. Simon Skylar- creates a 3-foot gravity field around himself
  16. Emilia Scarborough- cryokinetic
  17. Fiona Richardson- teleporter
  18. Rebecca Whitfield- speedster
  19. Natalia Romanoff- paralysis with eye contact
  20. Carson Long- explosive blows. Kinetic and thermal energy release.
  21. Oliver Carpenter- technopath
  22. Jacqueline Eaton- aerokinetic
  23. Ashley Bates- lesser advanced mind- bug control
  24. Richard Gibson- has the ability to alter his size with a corresponding change in strength and durability
  25. Danny Mason- Duplicator
  26. Janet Ibsen- light manipulator, creates a light-rope
  27. Blake Rhodes – muscle mimic
  28. Rowan Michaelson – (transfer student) conjurer



Season 2 Freshman Rankings


3. Isla Perko – defensive aura

16. Aiden Murphy – tattoos come to life

40. Scarlett Vaan – psychic surgery


Sophomore Teams


Team 1

Angela Martin, Kyoshi Schultz, Alexander Webb, Fiona Richardson, Natalia Romanoff, Oliver Carpenter, Blake Rhodes


Team 2

Jason Cook, Anika Kemps, Teresa Shaw, Liam Garrison, Emilia Scarborough, Danny Mason, Janet Ibsen


Team 3

Kimberly Goodman, Anna Fletcher, Casey Williams, Rebecca Whitfield, Jacqueline Eton, Carson Long, Richard Gibson


Team 4

Erin Fisher, Mason Jackson, Lorelei Gilford, Simon Skylar, Ashley Bates, Rowan Michaelson, Seth Abney




5 thoughts on “A Change of Pace – Season 2 – Rankings and Teams

  1. Hmm, interesting, so I take it Izzy had a good run through to the last match or the one before. But then we know there is good precedent for someone with her general power to do well given we know that Brett went undefeated in Drew’s works.

    Also it is perhaps good that there is someone in the top five in her year with an interest in Seth, while I would guess top ten in Sophomore is easily on a par with most who would be top five at the start of freshman, he is going to find it hard to scare Izzy off if he decides he is going to go on a screw the world tear and push everyone away as he fouund out with his attitude in the last chapter.

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  2. I put together the teamlists with the powers represented in each team

    (1) Angela – Angelic shifter
    (13) Kyoshi – Advancecd mind telepath > telekinetic
    (9) Alexander – Augments muscle and bones, enhanced physical attributes
    (17) Fiona – Teleporter
    (19) Natalia – Paralysis with eye contact
    (21) Oliver – Technopath
    (27) Blame – Muscle mimic

    (2) Jason – Advanced mind telekintic > telepath
    (8) Anika – Undesignated, learns things
    (7) Teresa – Multi species shifter
    (14) Liam – Toxic obsfucator (breath) neurotxoin from skin
    (16) Emilia – Cryokinetic
    (25) Danny – Duplicator
    (26) Janet – Light manipulator, creates light-rope

    (3) Kimberly – Blaster
    (6) Anna -Electrokinetic
    (11) Casey – Durability and strength
    (18) Rebecca – Speedster
    (22) Jacqueline – Aerokinetic
    (20) Carson – Explosive blows
    (24) Richard – Alters size

    (4) Erin – Can animate inanimate objects
    (5) Mason – Super strength
    (12) Lorelei – Blaster, durability
    (15) Simon – Three foot gravity field
    (23) Ashley – Lesser advanced mind, bug control
    (28) Blake – Conjurer
    (10) Seth – Broard spectrum elemental manipulator

    Seth really did get gipped as you said, he was the only one in the top ten not to be a first or second round pick. Looking at Kimberley’s team, Kyoshi has a point that they have the most raw power available but between the unknown quantity in Blake who could fit anywhere among the students and Seth, Erin’s is the sleeper. She was smart to get Blake before the last round of picks and I guess being forced to pick last benefited her in ok she got the one people were avoiding (I still say poor Seth,that is practically a public hazing) but she got someone with a lot of power if she can properly point him at the other teams.

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    • Ug, Rowan is the conjurer, not Blake (whose name isn’t Blame, I need to not do this kind of thing early hours for me lol). But yeah, as I say, Rowan is the dark horse in this, add in Seth and they have a team that could either be stronger than anyone would think or could implode.

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