Two Worlds Update

Hey everyone,

I think i’ve kept you waiting long enough, so i wanted to let you know my plans going forward. I’ve been posting Two Worlds in one form or another for something like 5 years now, and its been a wild ride. The ride isn’t coming to an end, but it definetly needs to slow down. My life is radically different now from what it was when i staretd. Time and money are tight, and there is just no way i can keep up with the release schedule i used too. 

So, long story short, i don’t know exactly when new Two Worlds chapters will happen, and they’ll be intermittent at best. 

Even more improtant, i’m going to change how i’ve been approaching things. Two Worlds has been a great way to hone my craft, but with things the way they are i’ve got to change things up a little. So, starting August 1st, i’m going to be moving the first 100ish chapters off of my blog and RRL. They’ll be moving to the new Kindle Vella deal to try and attract any new readers. The later chapters will remain up, and will start to fall off as i movie closer to their release on Kindle. If any new chapters come out. They’ll be available on my Patreon, and on Kindle Vella once i reach that point in the story. 

I’m not sure what else the future holds for me, but i’m grateful for everyone who has read, enjoyed, and commented on Two Worlds over the last nearly half decade. Coop and company have been a hell of a lot of fun to write. I’m sorry things can’t keep going as they have been, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I’ll post the link to the Kindle Vella page when i have it.  

Happy 4th of July!