Two Worlds: Rags & Riches


Two Worlds Rags & Riches Cover

It is 2432 and humanity has dispersed among the stars, but aside from that not too much has changed. Across a thousand light years, interstellar nations squabble over resources and ideals. Intergalactic corporations fight for market share and profit, all while Earth is bursting at the seams. The galaxy is full of the powerful and the powerless. Benjamin Gold and Mark Cooper are two of these people. While their worlds might be vastly different, they both find themselves on a similar path.

Two Worlds: Rags & Riches is the first novella in the Two Worlds Saga. It continues the rich military sci-fi tradition of Heinlein, Haldeman, and sets the foundation for the expansive universe to come.

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The Harbinger Tales



Sam and Elle were two ordinary people living two ordinary lives; going to work, dreading doctors appointments, and spoiling their dogs. Then one night something happened. Sucked into a world they don’t understand with abilities they can only imagine, Sam and Elle must fight to survive. They don’t know how, and they don’t know why, but they aren’t the only ones who can do the impossible.

Cover Art by Ashley Ruggirello of

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My writings tend to lean more toward the adult side. The Harbinger Tales contains harsh language, violence, and other adult themes. A good rule of thumb: If this was a movie it would be rated R.