Kindle Update Available

The amazon team has gotten back to me and an update to The Harbinger Tales is now available to fix a lot of the grammatical errors in the book. If you bought the eBook between OCT2016 and early JAN2017 then this is for you. Below are the instructions:

When you’re logged in it will say Hello, (Insert Name) Accounts and Lists. Hover over that. Go down the Account column to Manage Your Content and Devices .

It will list all of your eBook purchases on this page. Go down to The Harbinger Tales and on the far right will be Update Available. Click that and you’ll have the updated title sent to you. 

Also, if you didn’t know yet, The Harbinger Tales is now available on Kindle Unlimited. So if you didn’t want to pay to read it before, but you have Unlimited, now you can read it for free! If that isn’t an incentive I don’t know what is.

Now you’re good to go! Thanks for purchasing The Harbinger Tales. Please rate it and write a short review to help get the word out there.


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